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 Ranks within the Union's Federal Military

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PostSubject: Ranks within the Union's Federal Military    Sat 16 Jul 2011, 9:24 am

What follows is a list of ranks and their assigned duties within the Terrestrial Forces and the Stellar Navy, which are the two branches of the Union's Federal Military. For a full description of the Union's Military, see the thread "The Obsidian Union" located in the Site Fanon section.

Ranks within the Terrestrial Forces:

Armsman: Fights in infantry squads or mans vehicles in mechanized squads

Squad Leader: Leads infantry squads or mans the lead vehicle in a mechanized squad (a squad consists of ten armsmen and a squad leader)

Master-at-Arms: Oversees day-to-day non-combative operations and is charged with maintaining order amongst the lower ranks

Lieutenant Marshal: Commands a platoon (two or more squads)

Marshal: Commands a company (two or more platoons)

Field Commander: Commands a battalion (two or more companies)

Lieutenant Commander: Commands a regiment (two or more battalions)

Commander: Commands a brigade (two or more regiments)

High Commander: Commands a division of the Terrestrial Forces

Supreme Commander of the Terrestrial Forces: Commands the entirety of the Terrestrial Forces

Ranks within the Stellar Navy:

Wingman: Mans a fighter/bomber/etc. or mans the gun turrets on a space station or capital ship

Wing Commander: Leads a squadron of fighters/bombers/etc.

Ensign: Responsible for the general operations of a ship

Chief Ensign: Organizes the ensigns on a larger, non-capital ship or a group of ensigns on a capital ship

Lieutenant Captain: Serves as the second-in-command to a ship’s commanding officer

Captain: Serves as the commanding officer of a non-capital ship

High Captain: Serves as the commanding officer of a capital ship

Admiral: Commands a fleet or a group of ships in a large fleet

High Admiral: Commands a large fleet

Grand Admiral of the Stellar Navy: Commands the entirety of the Stellar Nav
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Ranks within the Union's Federal Military
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