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 Political Factions within the Galactic Liberation Party

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PostSubject: Political Factions within the Galactic Liberation Party    Sat 16 Jul 2011, 9:26 am

Political Factions within the Galactic Liberation Party:

Though the Galactic Liberation Party holds a monopoly on political power in the Obsidian Union, it is not as monolithic as it would like others to believe. What follows is a list of the most prominent political factions in the GLP (and as a result, the Obsidian Union and, to some extent, the New Sith Brotherhood).

Neo-Imperialists: Perhaps unsurprisingly, there were many who were displeased with the Imperial Remnant joining the Galactic Alliance. These elements saw the Obsidian Union as their best bet for restoring things to how they were under Palpatine. The Neo-Imperialists are generally some of the most right-wing members of the GLP and form a political duality within the party with the New Republic Purists.

New Republic Purists: Despite appearances, not all supporters of the New Republic agreed with its transformation into the Galactic Alliance. The populist and anti-GA elements of the GLP’s political philosophy are what appeal to these individuals and, as a result, they often in conflict with the authoritarian Neo-Imperialists.

Outer Rim Revolutionaries: Throughout Galactic history there have been Outer-Rim citizens who resent the Core Worlds’ control over their planets. Consisting mostly of radical militias, these groups were historically antagonistic to all governmental agencies, however, the rise of the Union has changed that. Though the most extreme of these groups remain independent, many have flocked to the GLP, inspired by a government that makes its home in the Outer Rim. The Outer-Rim Revolutionary elements of the GLP most often come into conflict with the Core-Based Radicals but are generally sympathetic to the Cultural Conservatives, the Isolationists and the CIS Revivalists.

Isolationists: Some species just want to be left alone to develop on their own. Unfortunately for them, the Galactic Alliance’s progressivist politics are rarely accommodating in this regard. The GLP, however, with its emphasis on cultural preservation and the rights of planetary governments, suits these groups down to the ground. The Isolationist form something of a power bloc with the Outer Rim Revolutionaries, the Cultural Conservatives and the CIS Revivalists but they tend to mistrust the Neo-Imperialists and New Republic Purists.

Cultural Conservatives: Consisting primarily of Non-Humans, the Cultural Conservative elements of the GLP oppose what they see as attempts by the GA to destroy native cultures. As previously stated, the Cultural Conservatives tend to be allies with the Isolationists, Outer Rim Revolutionaries and CIS Revivalists but dislike the Neo-Imperialists and New Republic Purists due to the actions of the governments said groups hearken back to.

Confederacy of Independent Systems Revivalists: Though the Clone Wars ended a long time ago there are numerous individuals (some of them even Human) who remember the CIS fondly and bemoan its defeat. CIS Revivalists share a great deal in common ideologically with the Outer Rim Revolutionaries, Isolationists, Cultural Conservatives and Anti-Jedi Groups as it was these philosophies that first came together to form the CIS. They tend to mix with Neo-Imperialist like oil mixes with water, however, primarily due to the Galactic Empire being formed by individuals who had been instrumental in the CIS’ defeat.

Core-Based Radicals: Despite what some may think, not all supporters of the GLP dwell in the Outer Rim, indeed, there are those in the Core Worlds who hold secret (or not-so-secret) Union sympathies. Members of this faction tend to consist of two groups: young, disillusioned Core-Worlders and wealthy, Core-Based Ultra-Conservatives. The former tend to ally themselves with the Anti-Jedi Groups while the latter prefer the company of the Neo-Imperialists. Both groups, however, are at odds with the Outer Rim Revolutionaries, who despise all Core-Worlders regardless of political ideology.

Anti-Jedi Groups: When hearing that Jedi are “the defenders of Peace and Justice throughout the Galaxy” many sneer disdainfully. The truth of the matter is that the Jedi don’t enjoy a stellar reputation amongst most people, especially not amongst the citizens of the Outer Rim. Jedi tend to be viewed as busybodies and pseudo-mystical, elitist snobs. For most this hatred is a casual thing, consisting of “How many Jedi does it take to turn on a holovid” jokes. Some, however, are militant in their opposition to the Jedi and see the GLP as the best way to strike back against them. The Anti-Jedi elements of the GLP tend to prefer the company of the Neo-Imperialists and Sith Sympathizers as both groups are strongly opposed to the Jedi. The New Republic Purists, however, are objects of contempt for the Anti-Jedi Groups due to the former’s idealization of a government that supported the Jedi.

Sith Sympathizers: Perhaps the oldest of the ideologies represented in the GLP, Sith Sympathizers believe in reviving the Ancient Sith Empire. Consisting primarily of the highly educated and those who have some personal reason for supporting the Sith, the Sympthizers believe that the Sith are a liberating force and that their opponents amount to little more than power-hungry tyrants. Sympathizers tend to get along best with the Anti-Jedi Groups and Neo-Imperialists, though there is some agreement between the Sympathizers and the CIS Revivalists. Sympathizers have nothing but hatred, however, for New Republic Purists due to historic animosity between the Republic and the Sith Empire.
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Political Factions within the Galactic Liberation Party
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